Entangled Media Histories

A research network for European media historians since 2013

Forum 1, Hamburg, Nov. 13–15 2013

Wednesday, November 13th

09.30        Registration and coffee

10.00–10.15    Welcome address
Uwe Hasebrink, Director of the Hans-Bredow-Institute

10.15–11.30    Introduction of the EMHIS project
Patrik Lundell, Marie Cronqvist, Hugh Chignell, Kristin Skoog,
Hans-Ulrich Wagner, Christoph Hilgert

11.30–01.00    Workshop I: Research presentations
Tony Stoller:     Classical Music and Radio
Kathryn McDonald:     The Development of the Radio Interview
Gloria Khamkar:    The Evolution of Local and Community Radio
Serving the Asian Community in Britain
Christoph Hilgert:    The Unheard. Outrageous Generation. Youth in West German and British Radio Broadcasts in the 1950s and early1960s
Hugh Chignell:    The Suez crisis as entangled History

01.00-02.30    Lunch

02.30–04.00    Workshop II: Research presentations
Maike Helmers:     German Sound Film
Alina Laura Tiews:    German refugees and expellees as represented in motion pictures
and television films of both German states between after WWII up to 1990
Juliane Finger:    Reconstructions of Long-Term Media Effects – Investigating Holocaust-Related Attitudes
Marie Cronqvist:    Entangled television histories. Sweden and the GDR
Kristin Skoog:    Radio and post-war reconstruction

04.00–04.30    Coffee

04.30–06.00    Workshop III: Research presentations
Charlie Järpvall:    The paper rage. Rationality and order in standardization of paperwork
in Sweden 1920-1960
Erik Edoff:     Becoming a big city. Constructions of urbanity in Stockholm’s boulevard papers in the late 19th century
Patrik Lundell:    Brown networks among Swedish intellectuals during the interwar period and World War II
Johan Jarlbrink:    Newspapers & diplomacy 1905
Hans-Ulrich Wagner:    Mediated Maps, Mental Maps

07.00        Dinner at Brodersen Restaurant

Thursday, November 14th

09.30–12.00    Joint Discussion:
Hans-Ulrich Wagner: Entangled Media History – what does it mean, what can it achieve? A first sketch

What are entangled media histories?
Point of departure: Readings listed below

12.00–01.30    Lunch

01.30–03.00    Joint Discussion:
What are entangled media histories?

03.00–03.30    Coffee

03.30–05.30    Plans for EMHIS Networking
03.30–04.30 Steering Committee Meeting
03.30–04.30 PhD/Post Doc Network Meeting
04.30–05.30 Meeting of both groups

07.00        Dinner at Abaton Bistro

Friday, November 15th

09.30–12.00    Future plans and expectations of the EMHIS project