Entangled Media Histories

A research network for European media historians since 2013

Forum 6: Transnationally entangled: Lisbon – EMHIS – Sydney

Tuesday, May 24th

Arrival at Pousada Hotel. No arrangement for dinner somewhere in Cascais, on everyone’s own expense.

Wednesday, May 25th

Pousada Hotel, Cascais

9.00 am              Welcome and updates (Chair: Marie, Christoph)

Presentation round, New projects and collaborations, Conference and publication activities, STINT interim report (Patrik, Marie)

10.30 am           Coffee

11.00 am           Guest speaker

Nelson Ribeiro, Lisbon “Broadcasting in the Portuguese Empire and the Creation of Overseas Communities” (Chair: Hans-Ulrich)


12.30                                                    Lunch

2.15 pm              Session I: Paper workshop (Chair: Hugh)

Katy Homden: Zeitoper as an entangled medium in Weimar Germany: New Perspectives on the use of radio in Ernst Krenek’s Jonny spielt auf – Comment by Emilia Ljungberg

Kerstin Stutterheim: How Goldberg’s Kinamo influenced documentary filmmaking – Comment by Charlotte Nilsson

3.15 pm              Coffee

3.45 pm              Session II: Paper workshop (Chair: Kristin)

Hugh Chignell and Kate Terkanian: The entangled producer: the career of Nesta Pain – Comment by Laura Saarenmaa

Johan Jarlbrink: Entangled media diplomacy – Comment by Stephanie Seul

5 pm  Session III:

Marie, Patrik, Stephanie, Hans-Ulrich, …:
Brief reports on articles which are under way

Opportunity to work on joint plans, projects, articles

8 pm   Dinner at Pousada Hotel

Thursday, May 26th

Pousada Hotel, Cascais

9.00 am              Guest speaker (Chair: Johan)

Entanglements across the Pacific:

Bridget Griffen-Foley, Sydney “Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ‘Fireside Chats’ in Australia”


10.30 am           Coffee

11.00 am           Session IV (Chair: Christoph, Marie, Hans-Ulrich)

Transnationally entangled: Lisbon – EMHIS – Sydney.
A joint brainstorming

12.30  Lunch

2.15 pm Steering committee meeting

Meetings and working groups

3.30 pm              Coffee

4 pm      Session V: General discussion and future planning (Chair: Marie, Hans-Ulrich)

International Conference in Lund, 2017 – Theme, CfP

Collaborations, applications

Preparing application for funding: The future of EMHIS

8 pm                                                      Dinner at Pousada Hotel

Friday, May 27th

Pousada Hotel, Cascais

9.00 am                 Opening, Joint Meeting, Reflection

Recap, feedback, plans for EMHIS VII in Bournemouth in autumn 2016

11.30 am              Departure & Good Bye