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Cold War Media Histories – transnational perspectives

Last Wednesday, on September 24, a seminar entitled ”Cold War Media Histories” was held in Lund within the framework of the Film- and Media History seminar series. Two presentations were held, after which a joint discussion took place.

Marie Cronqvist first presented the outline and the points of departure in her new project “Entangled television histories. Sweden and the GDR”. After this, our special guest Alec Badenoch, media scholar at the University of Utrecht and member of the Transnational Radio Encounters network, presented his research on the international networks of women in broadcasting. The title of Badenoch’s presentation was “Translating women. The entangled networks of radio and women between Cold War, decolonization and development” and it connects to the work he is conducting in collaboration with Kristin Skoog in Bournemouth.

The seminar was well-attended and many participators engaged in the joint discussion as well as in the post seminar afterwards. The EMHIS network wishes to thank Alec in particular for coming to Lund and hope we will meet again very soon!

September 28, 2014

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