The Centre for Media History (CMH), Bournemouth University

The Centre for Media History (CMH) has established itself as an important and influential research centre, which has mainly promoted archive based study of radio and television history. Its new trajectory and ambition is to broaden the scope of its research to encompass film, public relations, press and other components of media history. The CMH has a strong interest in archive policy and promotes the use of archives in education.

Media history, Lund University

Media History in Lund is the only formally established unit dedicated to the subject in Sweden. Hence it is an important hub in a national network of historically oriented media scholars from a wide range of disciplines. Its research is best viewed in light of the cultural turn within the historical sciences, and it also aims to nuance and historicize contemporary discussions on new media of our time. A key point of departure is a broad and historically open definition of media.

Hans Bredow Institute for Media Research, Research Centre for the History of Broadcasting in Northern Germany, Hamburg

The Hans Bredow Institute was founded as an independent non-profit organisation in 1950. The research conducted by the Institute focuses on mediated public communication. The Institute emphasises its role as an independent observer and combines sociological, legal, economic and pedagogical approaches, because it strongly believes that problems of media development call for an interdisciplinary and a cross-national comparative perspective. Cooperation and constant exchange with the different actors in the media sphere are basic values for the Institute’s research.

Media history is one of the research focuses at the Hans Bredow Institute. Projects in this field have been conducted by the Research Centre for the History of Broadcasting in Northern Germany. In 2001, it was founded a cooperative project of the Hans-Bredow-Institute with the University of Hamburg (Department of Languages, Literature and Media I) and the Norddeutscher Rundfunk (the Northern German Broadcasting Service). The objectives of the Research Centre are 1) to analyse media-historical processes, 2) to advance close cooperation between the media providers and the scientific researchers, and 3) to strengthen the collaboration with the University of Hamburg and other research facilities in the field of media-historical studies and teaching.

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