Entangled Media Histories

A research network for European media historians since 2013

Forum 8: Gregynog, Wales, 14–16 May, 2019

Current challenges of Entangled Media Histories – theories, sources and methodologies


14 May 2019

13.00: Arrive and lunch

14.00:Session 1 – Weaver Room

  • Welcome (Jamie Medhurst)
  • ‘EMHIS – the first six years’ (Marie Cronqvist)
  • An update on the current Key Document Project (Hans-Ulrich Wagner)
  • Information about upcoming applications and extension of network activities

16.00: Afternoon tea

17.00: EMHIS Steering Group Meeting – venue tbc

18.00: A time for reflection….. (Marie Cronqvist) – Weaver Room

19.00: Dinner and bar


15 May 2019

8.00: Breakfast

9.30:Session 2 – Weaver Room

Keynote Speaker: Alec Badenoch, Beeld en Geluid Endowed Professor of Transnational Media, VU Amsterdam

‘Breakfast at Milliways: a hitchhiker’s reflections on digital projects and the art of the (im)possible’

11.00: Coffee

11.30:Session 3 – Weaver Room

Workshop – my current challenge

Chair: Christoph Hilgert

The aim of this second day is to openly share and discuss ideas, documents and methodologies in a workshop format. Each participant gets the opportunity to introduce a specific source, problem or challenge in his/her research for 5-10 minutes followed by questions/discussion

13.00: Lunch

14.00: Session 3 continues

16.00: Afternoon tea

16.30: Session 3 summing up and final discussion

18.00: Dinner and bar


16 May 2019

8.00: Breakfast

9.30:Session 4 – Seminar Room 2

Digital sources – access, research, opportunities, collaborations

Some questions to consider:

  • What new digital resources are available to us in our research?
  • What problems arise out of the use of these resources?
  • How do EMHIS members respond to the Digital Humanities (e.g. text mining, corpus linguistics)?
  • What do we have to say about the history of digital media?
  • What is the relationship between the specific characteristics of entangled media history (as outlined by Marie and Christoph in Media History) and digital developments? Is there, in other words, an ‘entangled digital media history’?
  • How should we develop the use new digital and social media in the dissemination of our work?

Chair: Hugh Chignell

11.00: Coffee

11.30: Final session – Seminar Room 2

Future work, publications etc

Chair: Jamie Medhurst

13.00: Lunch and depart