Entangled Media Histories

A research network for European media historians since 2013

Forum 3, Hamburg, November 25–28 2014.

Tuesday, November 25th EMHIS PhD Pre-Meeting

Theme: PhD research & writing

9.00–15.00 pm PhD Workshop Alina Laura Tiews. PhDs meet, present papers, and discuss methodological questions. (Hans Bredow Institute, Conference Room, 4th floor) Afterwards a visit to the “Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe” and exploration of entangled media histories in exhibits.

Theme: Mapping the field

(Hans Bredow Institute, Conference Room, 4th floor)

15.30–16.00 pm Registration, Afternoon Tea & Coffee
16.00  Opening, Welcome Address
16.15–17.00 pm Keynote “Measuring television’s social impact: Transitional audiences in the era of limited choice” Professor Christina von Hodenberg, Queen Mary University of London/Humboldt Research Award-Fellow at the Martin-Luther-Universität, Halle-Wittenberg
17.15–18.15 Discussion on the Keynote
19.00 Dinner at “Brodersen Restaurant”, Rothenbaumchaussee 46, 20148 Hamburg

Wednesday, November 26th

(Hans Bredow Institute, Conference Room, 4th floor)

Theme: Perspectives & Approaches

9.00 Opening
9.15–10.15 “Transnational audiences and media consumption in media history: A survey of research, best practices, and questions” Christoph Hilgert & Hans-Ulrich Wagner
10.15–10.30 Tea & Coffee break
10.30–12.30 “What did people do with the media and what did media do with the people?” General discussion based on yesterday’s keynote, today’s research report and individual research experiences: How do we deal with audience related questions in our respective research? What are the benefits of having media reception in mind and which challenges/problems/limits do we face in doing so?
13.00 Lunch at ”Fleetschlösschen”, Brooktorkai 17, 20457 Hamburg

(DER SPIEGEL, Ericusspitze 1, Hamburg Hafen City)
14.30 – 16.00 Guided tour through the “SPIEGEL-Haus”. Catherine Stockinger, Head of “SPIEGEL-Leserservice” (Readership research). The Spiegel is Germany’s most important weekly magazine with an outstanding history in the field of investigative journalism; nowadays it provides not only the magazine, but the most successful online news platform as well as TV documentaries
(Hamburg Hafen City)

16.00 Doing EMHIS: Open Space. Smaller groups meet in order to plan co-operative projects, publications, panel proposals, etc. at Kaffeerösterei, Kehrwieder 5, 20457 Hamburg.
19.00 Dinner at “Hatari”, Schanzenstr. 2-4, 20357 Hamburg

 Thursday, November 27th

(Hans Bredow Institute, Conference Room, 4th floor)

Theme: Presentations & Discussions

9.00 Opening

9.15–11.15 Doing EMHIS: Research Presentations & Discussion EMHIS-Members present and discuss ‘entangled’ projects under way.
11.15–11.45 Tea & Coffee break
11.45-13.00 “Strategies of publishing – traditional and new forms of publishing”
Short summary by Christoph Hilgert, additional information as appropriate & general discussion of the next steps (concrete projects, ideas for formats, etc.)
13.00-15.00 Lunch at UniPark, Rechtshaus, Universität Hamburg
15.00-16.00 Meeting of the Steering Committee – and parallel – Meeting of the PhD Network
16.00–16.45 Joint Meeting, Reflection

(Universität Hamburg, Medienzentrum, Von-Melle-Park 5, Kinosaal)

17.00 Reception at the “Institut für Medien und Kommunikation” (IMK) at the Universität Hamburg. Thomas Weber et al.: IMK-colleagues welcome EMHIS. Heinz Hiebler: The AV-sources at the Medienzentrum. Space to get to know each other.

19.30 Dinner at Abaton Bistro, Grindelhof 14a, 20146 Hamburg

Friday, November 28th

(Hans Bredow Institute, Small Conference Room, 1st floor)

Theme: Reflections & Travel

9.30 Opening, Joint Meeting, Reflection. Recap, feedback, plans for EMHIS IV in Bournemouth

11.30 Departure & Good Bye