Entangled Media Histories

A research network for European media historians since 2013

Forum 4, Bournemouth, 26–29 May

Tuesday 26th May

EMHIS PhD pre-conference Programme (The Miramar Hotel)

Room: The Library

13.00–13.45 Lunch (The Library)

13.45–14.30 Lightning Presentations

14.30–14.45 Short Break

14.45–15.30 Discussion
• Convergence and divergence of PhD projects
• Collaborative projects

16.00 Join the first EMHIS IV session

EMHIS IV Programme

Room: The Library (Miramar Hotel)

16.00–16.30 Registration and Afternoon Tea

16.30–18.00 Welcome! Introductions and Research Presentations

Short Presentations:

• Charlotte Nilsson: Mail-order retailing as a meaning-making medium in the early 20th century
• Kerstin Stutterheim: introduction
• Emilia Ljungberg: Constructions of national identities in the encounter with the foreign: Travel narratives in the Swedish press 1930-1950
• Alina Tiews, Christoph Hilgert and Gloria Khamkar: Radio’s contributions for making migrants feel at home in a new homeland
• Hans-Ulrich Wagner: short presentation on ECREA handbook.

18.00–19.00 EMHIS Reflection
Presentation: Marie Cronqvist and Christoph Hilgert. Followed by discussion.

19.30 Dinner at ‘The Eye of the Tiger’

Wednesday 27th May

Room: The Library

10.00–12.00 “How to publish media history” Guest speaker: Professor Tom O’Malley, Aberystwyth University, UK
Coffee will be served at 11.00

13.00–14. 00 Lunch (Miramar)

14.00–15.30 How to teach media history
• Ideas and sharing of best practice related to teaching/education
• Discussion (joint publication, collaboration)
Short presentations: Hugh Chignell: using archives in teaching media history, Yvonne Robel: teaching media and public history

15.30–17.00 Working groups
• Smaller groups (funding, publications, education, research collaboration…)
• ECREA-Comm. History-Handbook (Patrik, Marie, Hugh, and Hans-Ulrich)
Afternoon tea will be served at 16.00

19.00–20.00 Film Screening (tbc)
Room: Oak Room
Maike Helmers

20.00 Dinner (Miramar)

Thursday 28th May

10.00–12.30 AV Publications experiments (Miramar)
Led by Alina, Gloria and Christoph

Coffee served at 11.00

10.00–12.30 Open Session
Rooms: The library or Oak room
Working Groups/Networking/Free time
Open for discussion or other suggestions!

13.00–14.00 Lunch (Miramar)

14.00–15.30 Convergence and Divergence of Media Forms
Room: The Library
Short Presentation:
Johan Jarlbrink: media and materiality
• Discussion of readings, further ideas and questions
• Participants are invited to share thoughts, ideas and experience from their own research

15.30–17.00 EMHIS Meetings
Rooms: The Library, Oak Room and Lounge
15.30 -16.30 meeting groups:
• Steering Committee
• PhD group
• Post-doc and others
16.30 – 17.00 Joint discussion (The Library)
Afternoon tea will be served at 4pm

18.00–19.00 Cocktails (Happy Hour) at Aruba

19.30 Dinner at Westbeach Restaurant

Friday 29th May

Room: The Library

10.00–12.00 EMHIS, what and where next?
• Reporting from working groups
• EMHIS Conference (plans, organisation, date?)
• Further discussion

12.00 Lunch (Miramar)

Departure and good bye