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The International Perspective on a Radio Centenary, Nov 6–8, 2019

Report from a conference at the Institute of Sound and Vision, Hilversum, Netherlands.

This was probably one of the first such events to mark the hundredth anniversary of radio.  Anya Luscombe and her colleagues from the University of Utrecht had assembled a number of well known radio specialists incuding a good friend of EMHIS, Michele Hilmes.

The EMHIS representation at the event included Hans-Ulrich Wagner and Alec Badenoch. Apart from some very interesting papers we were shown some of the artefacts in the extraordinary archives.  The photograph shows Michele Hilmes and some of the machines used for digitising audio tape.

I found the conference particularly useful because of my interest in radio drama (an interest I share with Hans-Ulrich of course).  In Hilversum I met Philomeen Lelievedt from the University of Utrecht who proved to be an extremely useful contact for future research.  

Hugh Chignell

Bournemouth University

December 8, 2019

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