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Report from Portugal

Following on the format of EMHIS V in Häckeberga, Sweden, EMHIS VI brought network members together to review works in progress, which in turn stimulated further discussions on entanglement, plans for publication of this research, and the future of EMHIS. In addition, two guest speakers, Dr Nelson Ribiero and Professor Bridget Griffen-Foley, joined the discussions, and were subsequently invited to … Continue reading

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Coming up: EMHIS Forum VI in Lisbon, May 24–27

Now is the month of maying! The Lund and Hamburg sections of EMHIS are jointly setting up the last preparations for EMHIS Forum VI. This time our conference will for the first time take place outside our three countries, in Lisbon, Portugal, on May 24–27. We will seize the opportunity to again place a direct focus on transnational connections in … Continue reading

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Planning is almost complete now for EMHIS forum 4 at the Miramar hotel, Bournemouth May 26th to 29th on the themes of Convergence and Divergence and Media Materialities. We are also hosting our guest speaker, Professor Tom O’Malley from the University of Aberystwyth talking about publication strategies. We are calling Forum 4 ”boot camp” because the focus is on working … Continue reading

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Talking about historical audience research at EMHIS III in Hamburg

Between November 25th and 29th, 2014 the third forum of the “Entangled Media Histories”-network took place in Hamburg. Once again, after our initial workshop in late 2013, we had the great pleasure to meet in the premises of the Hans-Bredow-Institute for Media Research near the Campus of Hamburg University. The main focus of the workshop was on transnational audiences and … Continue reading

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EMHIS Forum III coming up soon!

Only two more weeks before the teams from Lund, Bournemouth and Hamburg will get together again to discuss their research on Entangled Media Histories! This time, it’s Hamburg’s turn again. Hans-Ulrich Wagner, Christoph Hilgert and all the rest from the EMHIS-Hamburg team will happily welcome the colleagues at the Hans-Bredow-Institute. Also, we will be proudly presenting a special guest: Professor … Continue reading

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Programme EMHIS III

The programme for EMHIS III in Hamburg this November is now online.

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EMHIS Forum II: ‘‘Doing Entangled Media History’’

A warm and sunny Bournemouth welcomed participants to EMHIS Forum II held on the 6-9 May at the Centre for Media History (CMH). Whilst our first forum focused on our understanding of the concepts “entanglement”, “histoire croisée” and “mediatisation’’, and set out our definition of entangled media history, the theme for this forum was the practical, theoretical and methodological implications … Continue reading

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EMHIS Forum 1: “Entangled Perspectives”

The EMHIS project has now formally started! On the 13–15 of November, our first event named EMHIS Forum 1 took place at the Hans-Bredow-Institut in Hamburg. This forum will be followed by six others in Bournemouth, Lund and Hamburg up until the year 2017. For this introductory conference, we were 13 participants that came together, but the network will expand … Continue reading

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